Bizz Construction provides its clients with the highest standard of work by means of its competent staff, state of the art equipment and by using the latest methods and materials. We believe in developing our staff and that our relationship with our clients and our reputation is still placed above all.


Bizz Construction was founded by Alex Stewart in 1987. It has been involved in a number of projects ranging from commercial buildings, factories, service stations and housing developments.

Alex Stewart, who has been in the construction industry since 1983 when he obtained a T4 qualification in construction supervision at the Cape Town Technicon. The supervisors and artisans that form the core of the workforce, have been with Alex for the past 20 years. In 2003 Biz Afrika was joined by Dawie Boshoff. Dawie has been in the civil construction industry since 1993 and studied Civil Building at Western Province Technical College. In 2008 Bizz Construction was joined by Anwaar Galvaan who has been in the Oil and Petroleum industry since 1980. Anwar vast experties in this field has enforced Bizz Construction to be a mager role player in this section of the construction market.

The Team

construction team comprises of a seasoned workforce, who are able to execute, manage and complete any building and civil contracts from R500 000 to R20 000 000.

All our managers are intimately involved in each of their projects, from conception and most importantly, beyond. This aspect of our business, which has become our hallmark of excellence, has afforded us the privilege of doing repeat business with virtually all the clients we have assisted in the past. Click to view our Organogram. Added to this, is the fact that our database of subcontractors and suppliers is continually updated for the specific purpose of enabling us to provide our clients consistency and price.


Bizz Construction is a turnkey construction company that provides its clients with the highest standard of work by means of its competent staff, state of the art equipment and by using the latest methods and material .This allows Bizz Construction to provide our clients with an end product which is delivered on time within budget. We believe in developing our staff and achieve profitable growth by expanding into new market segments.


We shall continue to

Provide the best possible service to our clients

Strive towards excellence

Provide innovative concepts

Carry out our duties with the highest degree of integrity

Place quality before profits

Employ only well coordinated teams of reputable sub-contractors

Ensure client satisfaction

Take a strong stance against under performance compromising quality


Bizz Construction consider their employees including sub-contractor’s employees to be the most valuable asset and undertakes to safeguard, as far as possible these employees and all the public at large, from injury or damage to health arising from any of the operations associated with its business. Bizz Construction in conjunction with the sub-contractor has a further to protect its physical assets against damage or loss In accordance with our values, Bizz Construction undertakes: -

• to consider all statutory safety legislation as being the minimum standard of precautionary practice;

• to adopt the aims and practices of the Occupational Health & Safety Act of 1993 and new Construction Regulations of 2014;

• to ensure that risks are reduced to a minimum by the implementation of risk control programs designated to protect employees, company property and our valued partnership with our client in the Petroleum and Construction Industries;

• To ensure that safety and loss prevention takes precedence over expediency.

• All employees are directly involved in the achievement of these objectives. They will be advised and assisted by those managers and supervisors who have legal responsibility for ensuring that all problems relating to Health and Safety and loss prevention are given the required attention and brought to the notice of management. Employee obligations to ensure the achievement of these objectives include: -

• Compliance with all risk control measures which may be set out by Bizz Construction; taking all reasonable care for their own safety, the safety of others, and the prevention of loss or damage to company property; ensuring that protective clothing and health safety equipment is used as stipulated to provide protection and to guard against injury of health hazard; reporting all unsafe acts or conditions to the Safety Manager, Construction Supervisor, or SHE Representative.

The cooperation of staff at all levels, as a committed team, in carrying out this policy will ensure the safest possible working conditions, thus, minimizing injury and loss.

With our dedicated Health and Safety offices we are proud to manage 46 Caltex Service stations with preventative Maintenance, High level of Petroleum safety Standards and implementation of Job Loss Analysis before any project or work activity is started.

Our dedicated Health and Safety team do regular site audits in line with Petroleum standards and Construction regulations. We have strict control of all activities during work sessions at our petroleum clients by using a set Permit system before any work starts, With 8 dedicated and Trained Permit requesters and 2 senior Permit Issuers we take care of the Health and Safety challenges before any project.

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